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    Who is Fiona Mao?

    About Me


    Short Version goes like this….


    I’m the CEO of Elevate Health Now.

    A Functional Medicine Health Consultant.

    A Nurse Practitioner by Profession.

    A Mom to 3 beautiful daughters.

    Proud and Grateful Wife.

    A woman of Faith.

    A servant of the people.

    …Pretty sure, I’m human alright!


    I am a Functional Health Consultant and help clients 1 : 1 from all around the world to re-balance their bodies and reverse dis-ease symptoms. 


    If you are tired of minimizing symptoms and want to get to the root cause of what’s going wrong, come and apply and let’s work together. 


    I  get down to the root cause of your disease through various scientific strategies that are guaranteed to give you the answers you seek along with lasting results! 

    My Success Story

    Our Functional Medicine Journey

    Functional Medicine chose me and I am so glad it did. I was a mother of two when I began noticing things were not quite normal.  No mother is ever prepared for any potential health challenges that a child comes with. It was very heartbreaking seeing that my second-born, Faiza, was behind on a major milestone (non-verbal), being told “ we do not know what’s wrong with her” by the professionals. I felt helpless, all the while knowing I am educated and in the medical field at that, but apparently not able to help my own daughter. Meanwhile, in spite of my instincts–the maternal or otherwise–professionals offered a common phrase: ‘Everything is normal’. ​

    My husband and I were blessed with yet another baby, the wheels kept turning. My youngest, Fae, was scratching herself like I have never seen in all my years as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. We visited with a GI doc, an allergist, Pediatrician, and performed tests left, right and center;  to no avail. Soon after were nights in the Emergency Room for allergic reactions and Eczema. My little girl was also dealing with insomnia at the time… The cycle continued, we went from specialist to specialist. I had never felt as helpless as a mother as I did then…  Did I not pray enough? Was my diet at fault? I mean, I was willing to bear the blame if only I could identify the cause for all that was happening to my two girls.

    But in all this, my husband and I never did give up. We pushed to the end. We refused to accept that our girls would be subjected to a life of suffering.  

    My father always says, “Hakuna kile hakina mwisho,” meaning, everything that has a beginning has an end. For me, the end came through Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Through specialized Functional Medicine testing I was able to help get to the root cause of what was troubling my kids and with that, I was able to nourish, detox and regulate them back to health. 

    Today, I have a Verbal child in Faiza and, additionally, little Fae is off steroids and cream use for over 3 years–her eczema is controlled!​
    The prospects of our future went from being one poised to be riddled with despair, confusion and failure, to that of promise, hope and victory.

    Join me as we embrace to the transformative practices of Functional Medicine and Nutrition.


    About Me

    Meet my tribe!

    Mr. Mao


    My soulmate who has weathered health storms with me!!



    My girls

    3 daughters

    They are the REASON for my PASSION! They started me on this Functional Medicine Journey.


     A little fun fact about me!

    Answered the Call!

    Left my family for 2 months to be a First Responder, Nurse Practitioner in NYC at Jacobi Hospital.


    What We Do Best

    Virtual Consultation

    Consultations occur from anywhere in the world.

    Specialized testing

    One’s bloodwork is a road map to one’s health.

    Formulating Health plans

    Together we create practical healthy choices.


    Through the transition, constant reinforcement is given to ensure accountability continues.


    Achieved through education and implementation.


    Listening to one’s body and implementing once educated will bring lasting results.

    Get In Touch

    3000 S Hulen St Ste 124 PMB 2030 Fort Worth. Tx 76109